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Unit Growth Seminar

10:00 a.m. Saturday, January 3, 2004

Location: Birmingham Bridge Club (click here for B'ham info)

The following ACBL Programs will be thoroughly discussed:

• Membership incentives
• Cooperative advertising program
• I/N Program, including New Player Services and Mentoring
• Teacher Accreditation Program and online teaching
• MiniBridge
• School Bridge
• Club Director Refresher Course and CE

The following ideas will be presented:

• Creating a team and working with volunteers
• Unit adaptations of ACBL Programs
• Clubs and Units working together
• Attracting corporate sponsors
• Publicity, Advertising and Promotion
• Making use of the Internet

The seminar will be tailored to Unit 157 (based on surveys filled out by board members), but attendees from other Units are encouraged to attend and participate.

Seminar Cost: FREE          Value: INVALUABLE

E-mail to make reservations.

Refreshments: Free   

Lunch: Free to members of Unit 157, modest cost for others.

There will be a Unit 157 Board meeting immediately following the seminar.

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Donna Compton - Presenter of the Unit Growth Seminar. You can read an article about her on pages PB-6 and PB-7 in the September, 2003 ACBL Bulletin