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Unit 157


The Alabama Bridge Association, Unit 157, functions within the By-Laws and regulations of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) and within those of its district (District X).


The objectives of the organization are

(a) To preserve and promote the best interests of and to stimulate interest in playing competitive duplicate contract bridge and any modification thereof;

(b) To cooperate with and to assist the ACBL in the promotion and conduct of contract bridge tournaments;

(c) To encourage the highest standards of conduct and ethics by its members and to enforce such standards;

(d) To promote the development and organization of affiliated clubs within the Unit;

(e) To cooperate in the ACBL's charity program and to sponsor and conduct charity events in order to realize funds to be devoted to worthy humanitarian causes;

(f) To conduct such other activities as may be in keeping with its principal objectives.


Unit Jurisdiction

The geographical area within which this Unit shall have jurisdiction shall be such area as is presently or may be assigned it by the Board of Directors of the ACBL.



A. Any person of good moral character residing within the jurisdiction of the Unit, subject to District regulations, is eligible for membership, and no person shall be denied membership because of race, creed, or color.

B. Such person, under favorable action, shall become and remain a member unless
1. Such person changes residence to a place outside the jurisdiction of the Unit;

2. Such person has failed to pay dues in accordance with the regulations of the ACBL;

3. Such person has been suspended or expelled from membership in accordance with regulations established by ACBL and by the Unit Board of Directors, provided, however, that such regulations shall conform to the rules for due process applicable to membership corporations and that such regulations established by the Unit Board of Directors shall not be in conflict with the regulations of ACBL.

C. Membership in the Unit requires membership in the ACBL.



Annual dues shall be the amount fixed by the ACBL.


Membership Meetings

A. There shall be an annual meeting of the members, which may be held in connection with a tournament or a special event which Unit members attend.

B. The Unit Board of-Directors shall fix the time and the place of the annual meeting and shall give appropriate notice of such meeting.

C. Special meetings of the members may be called at any time for the consideration of specific subject matters by the Unit Board of Directors or by the President or by petition of at least twenty-five (25) members of the Unit. The Secretary shall give appropriate notice at least ten (10) days before such meeting. The notice of any special meeting shall contain an agenda of the matters to be considered at such meeting. No other business shall be acted upon at such special meeting.

D. A quorum for the transaction of business at any annual or special meeting shall consist of twenty-five (25) members.

E. No proxies shall be permitted.


Unit Board of Directors

A. Number of Directors
1. The affairs of the Unit shall be managed and conducted by the Unit Board of Directors. The Directors shall be elected by and shall represent Unit members served by Clubs in the areas listed below. The areas and the number of representatives to which they are entitled are as follows:

Birmingham . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Board Members

Montgomery . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Board Members

All other towns and/or cities
with one or more active ACBL-
sanctioned clubs . . . . . . . . . . 1 Board Member each

2. At the first meeting of the newly elected Board members, the Board may at its discretion select additional members at large from the Unit to serve on the Unit Board of Directors with full voting privileges. An at-large member shall serve a term of one (1) year.
3. Unit officers shall automatically become voting members of the Unit Board. The retiring President of the Unit shall become an Ex-Officio member of the Board for a two- year period and shall retain full voting privileges.
4. All local elections to select representatives on the Unit Board shall be held at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual membership meeting, and the Secretary shall be notified in writing of the names of the person or persons who are to represent each area.

B. Term of Office

Each Director shall hold office for a period of one (1) year and shall continue to hold office until his or her successor shall have been duly elected. The commencement of the term shall be established by regulations of the Unit Board of Directors.

C. Vacancies
Any vacancy on the Unit Board shall be filled by the Unit Board of Directors, and the person so appointed shall hold office for the balance of the unexpired term.

D. Meetings

The Unit Board of Directors shall hold a minimum of three (3) meetings a year, one of which shall be designated the annual meeting. Other meetings shall be held pursuant to regulations established by the Unit Board of Directors, on appropriate notice.
E. Quorum

A quorum of the Unit Board of Directors for the transaction of business shall consist of not less than a majority of the Board.

F. Powers and Duties

In addition to the powers herein granted by other provisions hereof and by the laws of the State of Alabama, the Unit Board of Directors shall have powers and duties including but not limited to

1. The conduct, management, supervision, and control of the business of the Unit;

2. The conduct of Unit tournaments;

3. The employment and discharging of employees, the supervision of their conduct, and the fixing of their compensation.

G. The Unit Board of Directors shall be the sole judge of its own membership.


Unit Officers

A. Number
The officers of the Unit shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

B. Election
The Unit Board of Directors shall elect all officers biennially at the annual meeting, and the persons elected shall hold office for two (2) years or until their successors have been duly elected.

C. Vacancies
Vacancies due to death, resignation, or other cause shall be filled by the Unit Board of Directors.
D. Duties
The duties of the officers shall be those outlined in the Unit By-Laws and regulations and such others as may be assigned by the Unit Board of Directors.



Any officer or director may be removed for causes at any meeting of the Unit Board, provided that two-thirds of the Board members present, constituting a quorum, shall vote so. Any officer or director against whom impeachment charges shall be brought shall be notified, in writing by registered mail, of the charges against him or her, at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting, and shall be given an opportunity to be heard before the Unit Board of Directors and to be represented by counsel of his or her own choosing. Absence from two (2) consecutive meetings may constitute cause for removal of a director.



The President shall appoint such committees as may be necessary to perform the functions of the organization. Standing committees shall be appointed with the approval of the Unit Board of Directors.


Amendments to the By-Laws

Amendments to the By-Laws may be made by members of the Unit upon petition signed by at least twenty-five (25) members, or by members of the Unit ' Board upon petition signed by at least seven (7) Board members. The petitioners must submit the petition for amendment(s) to the Secretary at least twenty-one (21) days in advance of the annual meeting or of-any special meeting called for that purpose. The Secretary shall incorporate the text of the proposed amendment(s) in the notice of the meeting. The concurrence of two-thirds of all Unit members present and voting shall be required to pass any amendment.

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