UNIT 157 Board Of Directors Meeting

April 21, 2007

Birmingham, Alabama



Attending Board Members: Clair Chisler, Alan Freeland, Clay Hall, Eileen Hedrick, Mary Jo Howard, O. T. Johnson, Don Kemp, Kenneth Kornegay, Aaron Maryanow, Kristina Oliver, Linda Randall, Lee Stimson, and Jerri Taylor. Bill Cook, District 10 ACBL Director, was also in attendance.


The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 President, Kristina Oliver.


Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Eileen Hedrick. Lee Stimson made a motion, seconded by Jerri Taylor, that the minutes be approved. Motion carried.


A treasurer’s report was distributed by Treasurer, Aaron Maryanow (copy attached). Aaron reported that Unit 157 would not receive any money revenue sharing from the District for last year due to the regional being held in Birmingham. A motion was made by Linda Randall and seconded by Lee Stimson to approve the financial report as submitted. Motion carried.


New Business


Unit Wide Games - Clay Hall, Unit 157 Tournament Coordinator, expressed concern for the handling of problems following the special unit games. He asked that for future games that either the game director or a substitute such as the club manager be available for the week following the game to handle problems that may occur. Any changes should be reported within a week of the game. Clay will send information with instructions for running the games to the game director prior to game.


Unit Championship Games – Clay reported that the Unit has 16 Unit Championship games available to us.


GNT Games – Subsidizing for the GNT players from our unit who go to the Nationals was discussed. A maximum of 3 teams could qualify to receive funds. It was suggested that special games be held to raise money for this expense. Clay Hall was assigned as GNT Committee Chairman to investigate how to raise this money. He will give report at next Unit Board meeting in May.


NAP Games – Subsidizing for the top rated NAP players from our unit who go to the Nationals was discussed. A motion was made by O. T. Johnson and seconded by Lee Stimson that the highest Unit 157 qualifiers at the district level who attend the Nationals would be given $100 per person in each strat with a maximum of six pairs. Motion carried.


Tournaments – Clay reported that a Sectional in Birmingham is scheduled for November 1-4, 2007. A Regional is scheduled to be held in Birmingham February 25-March 2, 2008. A split regional with Baton Rouge is scheduled for August 3-9, 2009. A 299er tournament is scheduled at the BDBC for August 1-2, 2007. It was suggested that future tournaments be scheduled in a timely manner to prevent coinciding tournaments in our unit and district.


299er Tournaments – Linda Randall of the Shelby County Bridge Club requested a sanction to hold a 299er tournament November 29 – December 1, 2007. Motion made by Jerri Taylor to grant this sanction and seconded by Don Kemp. Motion carried. It was noted that tournaments are for the good of the Bridge World and not for a private club to make money. The proceeds of the tournament should be spent on the tournament (hospitality, etc.). A report listing income/expenses for this tournament is to be given to the Unit Board. Certified directors will need to be appointed to direct these games.


Unit Games – The closing of clubs in Unit 157 for unit tournaments was discussed. It was decided that limited master point games do not have to be closed for Sectional or Regional tournaments in the Unit. In the past, club games have been closed

This is done as a courtesy to Unit clubs, not a requirement of the Unit. It was suggested that the Friday morning game at the BDBC would be kept open for those members who cannot attend the Montgomery tournament. All other games should probably be closed at the club during a tournament.


Reinstatement of John Peters – Clay Hall proposed the reinstatement of John Peters as a member to the ACBL. The subject was discussed. It was decided that before the Unit Board could recommend this reinstatement to ACBL, the BDBC Board would need to make recommendation to ACBL. Clay made a motion that the BDBC be asked to reconsider making the recommendation for reinstatement of John Peters to the ACBL. The motion was seconded by Claire Chisler. Motion denied.


Bill Cook, District 10 ACBL Director, distributed copies of the March, 2007, Board of Directors meeting held in St. Louis, MO (copy attached). He encouraged the “8 is Enough” team game to encourage integrating new members into games.


157 Strategic Plan – Jerri Taylor gave an overview of the Unit 157 Strategic Plan (approved in May, 2002). It was noted that the primary objective is membership (new members, retaining members, etc.) and that the Unit should focus on this as well as teaching. Kris Oliver reported that our membership trend at the present time is flat. She suggested that we should see how many of our players are not ACBL members and encourage them to join. Success stories from Montgomery, Alex City, and the Shelby County club were shared about their success with teaching programs. The Unit will stress two main items, teaching Easybridge and other programs and do a better job of advertising of bridge. A secondary objective will be helping out club improvements, etc.


Clair Chisler reported that Harry Hayes is opening a new club in Tallassee to replace the club that W. C. Bryant previously ran. Harry attended the Director class held in Gatlinburg to acquire his director accreditation.


Aaron Maryanow was appointed by Kris Oliver as Business Manager and Jerri Taylor was appointed as Publicity Chairman.


Old Business


A motion was made by Aaron Maryanow, seconded by Kenneth Kornegay, to give $1,500 to the Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club for facilities development. Motion carried.


Items suggested for upcoming board meeting:


  1. Subsidies for TAP training and director training. Kris mentioned that Birmingham will host a course to update directors’ skills. She will notify the clubs of the date for this training.
  2. Discuss how money is allocated, to the units or clubs. Kris mentioned we should get input from the people putting on these tournaments to find out the facts regarding finances.
  3. Discussion of financial arrangements for Regional tournaments.



There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Eileen Hedrick, Secretary

Unit 157