Unit 157 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

May 28, 2005


Attending: Mary Elizabeth Conaway, Jim Dobbyn, O. T. Johnson, Bob Lake, Don Kemp, Barbara Stewart, Lee Stimson, Bob Teel, Norma Temple, Jerri Taylor, Robert Whiting, and Bill Cook, District 10 Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors.


The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 President Bob Teel.


Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Don Kemp. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Jim Dobbyn, seconded by Bob Lake, and passed unanimously.


The treasurerÕs report including the balance sheet and income statement was distributed. The report was approved unanimously. No budget was submitted because no guidance on spending had been provided to the treasurer by the board.


Old Business


Jerri Taylor stated that it is time to submit nominations for the Awards of Excellence, and requested that clubs submit their nominees.


New Business


President Teel reported that he had requests for financial support from three clubs:

Bridge Club of Anniston had to replace the clubÕs heat pump and requested a $2,900 reimbursement from the Unit.

Birmingham DBC requested reimbursement for $427.90 for bid boxes and $1,350 painting and cards.

Montgomery Bridge Club requested reimbursement of $1,952.79 for repairs to the sewage system, road work, and GNT qualifying game expenses.

Greater Tuscaloosa DBC requested $400 for promoting bridge in Tuscaloosa.

A motion was made by Jerri Taylor, seconded by Lee Stimson to approve the above reimbursements. The motion was passed unanimously.


Bill Cook reported to the board on District 10 business and took questions from the floor.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Don Kemp, Secretary

Unit 157