Unit 157 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2004


Attending: Edith Bowler, Clair Chisler, Gail Coker, Carolyn Dunn, Doug Hoadley, O. T. Johnson, Don Kemp, Jo Ann Maddox, Aaron Maryanow, Kris Oliver, Jean Reaves, Katherine Richards, Lee Stimson, Jerri Taylor, and Bob Teel.


The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 President Jerri Taylor.


Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Don Kemp. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Jo Ann Maddox, seconded by Aaron Maryanow, and passed unanimously.


Treasurer Aaron Maryanow distributed the balance sheet, income statement and budget to the Board. Maryanow noted that funds were available to clubs  for qualifying projects and that expenditures were less than called for in the strategic plan. He noted that clubs need to request help if it is needed. He stated that the Unit plans to maintain a reserve of $10,000 and that up to 50% of funds in excess of that can be spent each year for projects which meet the Unit guidelines.


Doug Hoadley reported on the Strategic Plan. A copy is available on the Unit 157 web site and he will give a copy to new board members. At the beginning of each year a review is conducted of what was accomplished in the previous year. The key elements are meeting the membership goal, facility enhancement, increasing tournament participation, and increasing club participation.


Clair Chisler reported on the District 10 Board Meeting. A copy of the minutes of the meeting are available on the District 10 web site and will be appended to the minutes of this meeting. 


Old Business


President Taylor announced that Bill Cook of Jackson, MS won the election for District 10 Representative to the ACBL Board of Directors. She also stated that the Unit 157 Awards for Excellence will be presented on October 23rd.  The Unit received a rebate from ACBL of $143.00 for charity. We sent a donation for that amount to Children’s Harbor.


Election of Officers


The nominating committee presented the following slate of nominees:

President – Bob Teel

Vice President – Lee Stimson

Secretary – Don Kemp

Treasurer – Aaron Maryanow


There being no further nominations, President Taylor called for a vote. The above officers were elected unanimously.


New Business


Aaron Maryanow moved, seconded by Doug Hoadley, that the Birmingham Bridge Club be reimbursed $200 for prizes awarded at their February tournament and $200 for prized awarded at their May tournament. The motion was seconded by Doug Hoadley and passed unanimously.


Jean Reaves reported that she had had great success in teaching bridge in Auburn. The unit will reimburse her for certain expenses.


President Taylor noted accomplishments during her administration including the Unit web site, Audrey Grant seminar, Unit Growth seminar, Unit Championship games, monetary awards for winners at tournaments, enhanced facilities at clubs, Unit Leadership seminar, and Unit Charity games.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Don Kemp, Secretary

Unit 157