Unit 157 Board of Director Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2002

Attending: Martha Brandt, Carolyn Dunn, Clay Hall, Doug Hoadley, Bonnie Jung, Don Kemp, Sara Lewis, Jo Ann Maddox, Carolyn Opdyke, Jean Reaves, Luanne Russell, Jerri Taylor

The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 Vice President, Jerri Taylor.

Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Don Kemp and approved as amended.

Doug Hoadley informed the board that the Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club appointed Charlotte Rueschenberg as Coordinator of Tournament Operations.

Doug Hoadley presented the financial statements for the Unit in the absence of treasurer, Aaron Maryanow. The balance sheet shows that the Unit has approximately $44,000. We should have another $2,500 coming in from revenue sharing from the District.

The Executive Committee approved sending a pro-rata share of the balance remaining from the Birmingham National entertainment fund to the Huntsville Unit. The $1,139 dollars was sent to their Unit should have resolved the issue with Huntsville.

Jerri Taylor told the Board about the Strategic Planning meetings held by the Unit 157 Executive Committee and led by Doug Hoadley. The floor was then turned over to Doug Hoadley to report on those meetings.

Doug advised the Board of the input received from clubs, the conclusions regarding what the “vision” should be, and the resulting Unit 157 mission statement. Plans for addressing critical issues were presented, and it was recommended that the decision making process be streamlined by empowering the Executive Committee to make decisions where time was of the essence. There will be a bias toward action rather than toward delay.

It was recommended that a cash reserve of $10,000 be established and that 30-50% of the remaining Unit funds be available to clubs for qualifying projects this year. The purpose of these expenditures will be to promote bridge in the State of Alabama. Clay Hall advised that the Unit may expect to receive about $5,000 per year from the District due to changes made in the way that funds from Regionals are to be distributed.

Doug Hoadley said that when new board members are elected, they should be advised before being nominated for the position that they will be expected to be working members who will attend all meetings, that it is not a ceremonial position. Nominees should be people who are willing to work hard.

Jerri Taylor opened the floor to questions. Clay Hall asked if the Plan was to be a “living” document which was open to change. He was advised that it was. Clay said that the committee had done an excellent job. Doug said that the plan gives the President a lot of power but holds him/her accountable.

A motion was made by Clay Hall to approve the plan as presented, seconded by Bonnie Jung. The motion was approved unanimously.

Clay Hall informed the Board that we had failed in our obligation to hold a qualifying tournament for the District Finals for the Grand National Teams and consequently were not represented. The Executive Committee will address this issue and will present dates for the Unit finals for the NAOP and GNT at the Dothan Unit 157 Membership meeting.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Kemp, Secretary
Unit 157