UNIT 157 Board Of Directors Meeting

May 19, 2007

Birmingham, Alabama



Attending Board Members:  Clair Chisler, Frank Galloway, Clay Hall, Eileen Hedrick, Mary Jo Howard, O. T. Johnson, Ann Lilly, Aaron Maryanow, Kristina Oliver, Linda Randall, and Jerri Taylor. 


The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 President, Kristina Oliver.


Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Eileen Hedrick.  Aaron Maryanow made a motion, seconded by Jerri Taylor, that the corrected minutes be approved.  Motion carried.


A Treasurer’s Report was distributed by Treasurer, Aaron Maryanow.  The report was approved as presented.


Following Kris Oliver’s apology for missing the Montgomery tournament, a discussion of a policy of keeping clubs open or closed during tournaments for clubs in the 157 Unit was held.  Frank Galloway shared survey information he had done based on comments he had received from Don Kemp regarding the decreased attendance at the Montgomery Sectional held May 4-6, 2007. Frank sent a questionnaire to 26 of the 30 members of the Birmingham club who, Don Kemp told him, attended the Montgomery sectional tournament in 2006, but not in 2007.  He did not send questionnaires to three members who were out of the U.S. during the tournament or a member who had moved to Texas.  Frank reported that all of the members who responded to the questionnaire (22 of 26) stated that their not attending the tournament in Montgomery had nothing to do with the Birmingham club being open during the tournament.  Most of them reported that they did not play at the Birmingham club that weekend.  Frank reported that only one of the members who responded expressed the opinion that the Birmingham club should have closed during the tournament.   Clay Hall suggested that the timing of the tournaments for Montgomery and Birmingham could be the cause for decline in attendance.  The closing of a club in the unit has been done in the past as a courtesy to hosting club and is not a rule of the unit.  It was agreed that more communication should be done with clubs in Unit 157 to promote goodwill among the clubs.


Clay Hall gave a report for GNT and the subsidizing of funds to unit members who attend these games.  He and his committee were charged with the task of coming up with ideas for raising these funds.  There was a discussion of holding a GNT Week of games the week of January 20-26, 2008, and charging an additional $1 per person for these games to benefit the GNT Fund.  The idea was approved and would be further discussed and detailed at the October meeting in Oxford.


Clay also noted that Unit 157 has 16 Unit Championship games a year.  They could hold split games at different clubs.  All games would need to be “Open” games at all sites.


In regard to revenues from Regional tournaments held in Unit 157, Clay Hall made a motion that the hosting club would receive the first $2,000 of profit and that the Unit would receive 20% of all profits over the $2,000.  This resolution would be effective January 2009.  The motion was seconded by Jerri Taylor.  Motion passed

 8-2.   All those present, with exception of Eileen Hedrick, Kris Oliver (who did not vote) and Frank Galloway, voted in favor of the motion.


Kris announced that Stella Ramey would be the new Education Chairman for Unit 157.


The meeting was adjourned.  The next Board Meeting will be held in October in Oxford.


Respectfully submitted,




Eileen Hedrick,

Secretary Unit 157