Unit 157 Board of Directors Meeting
March 1, 2008
Birmingham, AL

Attending:  Clair Chisler, Eileen Hedrick, Mary Jo Howard, Judy Johnson, O. T. Johnson, Don Kemp, Aaron Maryanow, Kris Oliver, Linda Randall, Norma Temple, and Chuck Wilkinson, Chairman of the District 10 Oversight Committee.

The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 President, Kris Oliver. Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Eileen Hedrick.  A motion was made by O. T. Johnson to accept the minutes.  The minutes were approved as presented.

A TreasurerÕs report was distributed by Treasurer, Aaron Maryanow.  Kris asked the question for clarification of how the monies collected for the GNT events would be handled.  It was reported that the monies not used go into a special fund to be held by the Unit to supplement travel expenses of Unit 157 GNT finalists who compete at the national level.

Clarification of the computation of profit from full regionals was requested by the treasurer of the Birmingham club.  It was agreed that the 50% of the profit which is paid to the District be considered an expense item before calculating any percentage of the net profit paid to Unit 157.

Linda Randall submitted a financial report from the 299er tournament the Shelby County Bridge Club held in December 2007.  Unit policy for 299er tournament profit by a private bridge club was discussed.  Aaron Maryanow made the motion that the Unit would receive 50% of net profit from all such tournaments for proprietary clubs that are authorized by the Unit.  Tournament director fees by owners would be computed at the ACBL rate for local directors. The motion was seconded by O. T. Johnson.  Motion passed.

Chuck Wilkinson discussed the report of the District 10 Tournament Oversight committee, which can be reviewed at the District 10 website.  The committee recommendations favor increasing the number of regionals allotted to Birmingham and Nashville.  The District is soliciting opinions from the Units during a review period ending April 30.  Aaron Maryanow made the motion that Unit 157 support the District 10 plans (Option 2):  to have a full or split regional every other year beginning 2011 Š 2014.  The motion was seconded by Don Kemp.  A vote was taken.  Motion passed with no opposition.

There was a discussion to hold a 2-day /2-session Unit-wide championship game event at Anniston/Gadsden, Birmingham/Montgomery and the Shelby County Bridge Club sometime this upcoming summer.  An additional charge of $1 to play in these games would go to the GNT fund.  Clair Chisler made the motion to have these games.  O. T. Johnson seconded.  Motion carried.

Kris Oliver reported that Robert Whiting had resigned as Unit 157 Tournament Coordinator.  The following appointments were made:  Linda Randall, NAP Coordinator, Judy Bailey, GNT Coordinator, Norma Temple, Unit Liaison for Regionals, and Len Block, Unit Tournament Coordinator

Kris Oliver requested that all proposed dates for tournaments in 2009 be submitted at the May Board meeting.  It is an ACBL requirement that sanctions need to be submitted a year in advance.  It was reported that the Shelby County Bridge Club had requested and received sanctions for two upcoming 299er tournaments: April 10-12 and December 4-6. 

O. T. Johnson reported that the Board had voted at the last meeting to issue an expense check for past GNT finalists who had not been reimbursed.  It was clarified that according to the motion passed,  Linda and John Randall, who  finished fourth and qualified to compete in the Nationals, will receive a check for $100  each if they compete in the National NAP event.  There were no other Unit 157 members who qualified and are able to attend this event.

O. T. Johnson reported that the Montgomery Club was still shopping for chairs.  It was voted at the October meeting to subsidize the Montgomery Club for these chairs.

Kris Oliver reported a TeachersÕ Meeting had been held at the Regional.  Stella Rainey and other teachers were in attendance.

O. T. Johnson announced that a TAP Seminar will be held in Gatlinburg and he would be attending the seminar for a cost of $25.

Clair Chisler requested that anyone with news related articles be given to Don Kemp to be published in the District 10 Forum magazine.

The next Unit Board meeting will be held at the Drury Inn in Montgomery, AL, on Saturday, May 3, at approximately 5:30 pm in conjunction with the Montgomery tournament.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Eileen Hedrick,
Unit 157 Secretary