Unit 157 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2004


Attending: Larry Angell, Clair Chisler, Bob Fritzsche, Bobbi Hill, Doug Hoadley, Don Kemp, Jo Ann Maddox, Aaron Maryanow, Don Seems, Becky Simkins, Bob Simkins, Lee Stimson, Jerri Taylor, and Norma Temple.


The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 President Jerri Taylor.


Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Don Kemp. A motion to approve the minutes as amended was made by Becky Simkins, seconded by Aaron Maryanow, and passed unanimously.


Treasurer Aaron Maryanow distributed the balance sheet, income statement and budget to the Board. Maryanow expressed the opinion that requests for education reimbursements need to be submitted to ACBL and the District first, and that the Unit then reimburse clubs for any eligible expenses not covered by ACBL or the District.


The 2004 Budget was presented and discussed. It was noted that there may be a need to adjust specific areas of the budget0. Larry Angell moved, seconded by Lee Stimson, that the budget be accepted as is, and that board approval be required before any changes be made. Becky Simkins moved that the motion be amended to allow reallocation by the Executive Committee as long as we remain within the overall budget amount. The amendment was accepted by Angell and approved unanimously.  


Membership Chairman Doug Hoadley reported that the report for ACBL which involves contacting all Unit members who have not renewed their membership was not very useful in retaining members or worth the effort for the $.25 per Unit member that ACBL pays. He recommended that our effort could be better spent elsewhere. President Taylor suggested that we communicate with the clubs asking that they encourage their members to continue their ACBL membership.


There was no report from Education Chairperson Kris Oliver, who was out of town.


Special Events Chairperson Jo Ann Maddox reported that there will be a two session Grand National Teams Unit Final on March 6th  in Birmingham. She noted that we are allowed 16 Unit Championship games and that we are not using many of them. A Unit-wide Championship game is planned for May 15th.


Old Business


Doug Hoadley reported that the Strategic Plan, started in 2002, is a governing tool for the Unit. He reviewed the previous year of the plan. Our 2004 goals are:

  1. To have 800 members at the end of the year.
  2. A 10% increase in table count at Sectionals.
  3. An increase in attendance from Georgia at the Anniston Sectional.
  4. Continue offers of non-financial support to small clubs in the Unit to guide them toward growth. Send a letter to them outlining offer of support and a copy of the minutes from the Unit Board Meeting.


District 10 Representative Clair Chisler reported on the District 10 minutes and financial reports. No action has been taken by the District on the requested educational reimbursements requested by the Unit. President Taylor will talk to Clay Hall to find out the proper format for requesting education expense reimbursement.


Donna Compton presented the Unit Growth Seminar but only 3 clubs sent representatives.


The Unit will request that clubs participate in a fund raiser for the ChildrenÕs Harbor charity during the week of April 6 Š 10. The Unit will match donations up to a maximum of $200.


New Business


The next board meeting will be at the Anniston Sectional. This will be our annual meeting. President Taylor appointed Doug Hoadley as chairman of the nominating committee. Other committee members are Becky Simkins and Jack Hadder.


A motion was made by Becky Simkins, seconded by Lee Stimson to reimburse Jean Reaves $373.99 for education expenses in Auburn. The motion was approved unanimously.


President Taylor requested that each person with a position on the board, either an officer. committee chairperson, or District representative, write a job description of their duties.


President Taylor stated that we should think about Unit awards to recognize excellence in service of Unit members, excellence in teaching for example.


A motion was made by Aaron Maryanow that the Unit reimburse up to $1,000 for teaching programs. The reimbursement will be conditional on the teacher submitting eligible expenses to ACBL and the District prior to requesting reimbursement from the Unit, and present to the board what was reimbursed by those entities. If the Unit chooses to reimburse funds prior to the receipt of reimbursements from ACBL and the District, then any funds received from those sources must be repaid to the Unit.   The motion was seconded by Larry Angell and passed unanimously.


A motion was made by Aaron Maryanow, seconded by Doug Hoadley, to reimburse the Birmingham Bridge Club for the $50 expense for renting the room for the board meeting.


Bob Fritzsche told the board that Bridge Club of Anniston wished to start a bridge library and requested $250 for matching funds for the library. President Taylor requested that the proposal be submitted in writing and it will then be presented to the Executive Committee for approval.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Don Kemp, Secretary

Unit 157