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Unit 157 Board of Director Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2003

Attending: Edith Bowler, Martha Brandt, Clair Chisler, Carolyn Dunn, Jack Hadder, Doug Hoadley, Don Kemp, Aaron Maryanow, Kris Oliver, Joanne Rierson, Charlotte Rueschenberg, Jackie Sapp, and Jerri Taylor

The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 President, Jerri Taylor.

Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Don Kemp. A motion to amend the minutes to correct the Easybridge! reimbursement designation from Easybridge!3 to Easybridge!2 was passed, A motion to approve the minutes as corrected was passed unanimously.

Treasurer Aaron Maryanow distributed the Treasurer’s report to the Board. He noted that we had not spent as much as we had planned in the Unit 157 Strategic Plan. He noted that we should get an additional $500 in revenue sharing for 2001, but that our income from the District is down because the Biloxi tournament lost money in 2002. We currently have $38,000 in the treasury. The Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.

Aaron Maryanow noted that the Birmingham Bridge Club now has 438 members.

Charlotte Rueschenberg proposed that one way to increase attendance at NAOP and GNT games would be for the Unit to pay the entry fee for the top pair from each club at the next level. This was tabled until the next meeting.

Clair Chisler reported on the District 10 Board meetings she has attended. The District now has $70,606.03 in assets and had income of $37,000. last year. Since the ACBL Bulletin no longer includes the District 10 insert, the District voted to continue it on a trial basis next year by mailing it to members. Each club should report their local news for inclusion in the Forum. President Taylor appointed Don Kemp as the local news reporter to the Forum.

Unit 157 will not be eligible for revenue sharing in 2003 since there will be a Split Regional in Birmingham. The Unit needs to apply now for a Sanction for a Regional in 2006 or 2007 in Birmingham. The District is funding up to $500 per Easybridge! program. This can be used for books, advertising, etc.

President Taylor said that there will be a Strategic Planning meeting March 30, 2003 at 10:00 am in Montgomery. Doug Hoadley noted that we put together a plan in 2002 and that none of the first year goals were met. Lunch will be provided at the meeting.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Kemp, Secretary
Unit 157