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Unit 157 Board of Director Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2003

Attending: Edith Bowler, Martha Brandt, Clair Chisler, Carolyn Dunn, Doug Hoadley, Don Kemp, Bob Lake, Aaron Maryanow, Charlotte Rueschenberg, Don Seems, Becky Simkins, Bob Simkins, and Jerri Taylor

The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 President Jerri Taylor.

Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Don Kemp. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Becky Simkins, seconded by Aaron Maryanow, and passed unanimously.

Treasurer Aaron Maryanow distributed the balance sheet, income statement and budget to the Board. Maryanow noted that spending is not as high as recommended in the strategic plan. Revenue sharing from the District will be down next year, due to this year’s Birmingham/Baton Rouge Split Regional held in our Unit. Clair Chisler will submit our Easybridge! expenses to the District and request reimbursement. She will also request information from the District Board to see what their plan is for spending available funds for the betterment of bridge in District 10.

The 2004 Budget was presented and discussed. The Treasurer’s report was approved as submitted.

Old Business

Doug Hoadley reported that he feels the Unit is doing a good job of implementing our strategic plan.

Charlotte Rueschenberg reported that she has received sanctions for Unit 157 Flights B & C North American Pairs finals to be held on September 27th in Birmingham and October 5th in Montgomery. The District 10 final will be January 10-11, 2004.

She also reported that the Grand National Teams Unit final will be Saturday, March 6, 2004 in Birmingham.

New Business

President Taylor appointed Doug Hoadley as Membership Chairperson to fill Jackie Sapp’s remaining term. Sapp resigned because she has moved to a different Unit.

Maryanow moved that we request Kathy Whidden conduct a Leadership Seminar on Wednesday at a cost to the Unit of $100.00, February 25, 2004,prior to the Birmingham Sectional. The motion was seconded by Reuschenberg, and passed unanimously.

Clair Chisler distributed a copy of the minutes of the last District 10 Board meeting and briefly discussed them.

President Taylor noted that we have scheduled a Unit Growth Seminar at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, January 3rd, 2003 in Birmingham. There will be a Unit Board meeting after the seminar.

Maryanow moved, seconded by Becky Simkins, that the Unit subsidize mileage expenses of Board members who have to travel to the meeting and for a motel room if they have to travel more than two hours to attend the Unit Growth Seminar and Board meeting. The motion passed unanimously. Doug Hoadley noted that it should be required that persons who will be on the Board in 2004 attend the seminar.

Rueschenberg moved, seconded by Maryanow, that March 7-13, 2004 be declared Unit 157 Charity Week, that each club be requested to hold Club Championship games that week, and that they collect voluntary contributions to benefit the Children’s Harbor charity. The Unit will donate matching funds up to $200 in addition to the amount collected by clubs. The motion passed unanimously.

Martha Brandt reported that the Montgomery Bridge Club spent $3,000 for much need new carpeting and a new awning. Doug Hoadley moved, seconded by Maryanow, that the Unit reimburse the Montgomery club for these expenses. The motion passed unanimously.

President Taylor presented a plaque and crystal bowl to Becky Simkins in appreciation for her outstanding leadership and dedication as President of Unit 157 from 1998-2002.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Kemp, Secretary
Unit 157