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Unit 157 Board of Director Meeting Minutes
August 10, 2002

Attending: Edith Bowler, Martha Brandt, Clair Chisler, Jack Hadder, Doug Hoadley, Don Kemp, Jo Ann Maddox, Donald Seem, Becky Simkins, Bob Simkins, Jerri Taylor

Voting by Proxy: Bonnie Jung, Aaron Maryanow, Carolyn Opdyke

The meeting was called to order by Unit 157 President, Becky Simkins.

Minutes of the last meeting were distributed by Secretary Don Kemp. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Jo Ann Maddox, seconded by Jerri Taylor, and the minutes were approved as submitted.

President Simkins thanked the board members who served on the recent Appeals Committee in Montgomery.

President Simkins reported to the board that Herb Stappenbeck had resigned from the board. She expressed her own regret and that of the board. Herb has been a long time board member and officer who was very active in many ways. He was also the Unit 157 representative to the District 10 Board of Directors. Herb’s service to Unit 157 was greatly appreciated and will be tremendously missed.

Doug Hoadley presented the treasurer’s report in the absence of Aaron Maryanow. Jo Ann Maddox moved and Jerri Taylor seconded that the Scrip or Cash prize for overall first in A, B, or C in a Sectional event be changed to 60% of the entry fee, with the Unit reimbursing the tournament sponsor for up to $200 of prizes awarded. The motion was approved unanimously.

Bob Simkins noted that the $10,000 in miscellaneous expenses in the Unit Budget Report needs to be more specific in the future.

Martha Brandt moved, seconded by Bob Simkins, that the financial reports and budget be approved as submitted.

President Simkins distributed a letter from Huntsville Unit 232 in response to the money which was returned to their Unit from the Birmingham National hospitality fund. This situation now seems to be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Clair Chisler was appointed Unit 157 representative on the District 10 Board of Directors.

President Simkins reviewed goals set forth in the Unit 157 Strategic Plan. These include the following one year goals:

• Increase ACBL membership by 10% over 2001 (from 781 to 860)
• Increase table count by 10%
• Increase table count at Sectionals by 10%
• Maintain a reserve of at least $10,000
• Assist a Unit club in sponsoring a new Sectional tournament
• Spend up to 30-50% of available Unit funds over the $10,000 reserve this year on projects which promote bridge in our Unit
• Provide non-financial support to clubs which request help

In order for the Unit to meet these goals, each club should strive to meet the above goals which are appropriate for their club.

Jack Hadder was appointed to survey all small clubs to see how the Unit can help them by doing a formal needs analysis. Doug Hoadley will assist in formulating the survey. Jack also plans a visitation program between clubs.

Bob Simkins stated that all sanctions are completed for 2003 except for the Anniston Sectional. Anniston is still deciding on a date for holding a Sectional. The Unit Championship Team Game will be August 23rd in Birmingham. The NAOP Unit Final will be September 7th in Birmingham. The GNT Unit Qualifying game will be in Montgomery in February.

In other business, Doug Hoadley requested that Birmingham be reimbursed $200 for tournament prizes, $406.08 for Easybridge! 2 expenses, and $5,500 for one-half of the expenses involved in the expansion of Birmingham Bridge Club.

President Simkins approved the $200 request.

Jack Hadder moved, seconded by Bob Simkins, that the Easybridge! 2 expenses of $406.08 be approved. The motion was passed unanimously.

Jack Hadder moved, Jo Ann Maddox seconded, that the Birmingham Bridge Club be reimbursed $5,500 for expenses incurred in the expansion of their facility. The motion was passed unanimously.

Jo Ann Maddox presented the Nominating Committee report.

Nominees are:
President - Jerri Taylor
Vice President - Doug Hoadley
Treasurer – Aaron Maryanow
Secretary – Don Kemp

There were no further nominations. A motion to approve the new slate of officers for a two year term was made by Bob Simkins, seconded by Doug Hoadley. The motion passed unanimously.

A Unit 157 membership meeting was held prior to the evening session on August 10, 2002. President Simkins called the meeting to order and presented the slate of officers elected by the Board. There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

The next Unit 157 Board meeting will be at the February Birmingham Sectional.

President Simkins requested a report on the growth of bridge in the Birmingham area. Doug Hoadley, president of the Birmingham Bridge Club reported that Birmingham had just finished presenting an Easybridge! 3 course which was attended by a lot of players who did not attend Easybridge! 1 or 2. Birmingham now has 406 members and four newcomers games per week. Their goal is to retain 40% of Easybridge! members.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Kemp, Secretary
Unit 157